Filipino food is in the midst of an undeniable cultural moment and the Instant Pot has ascended to essential kitchenware status.

With this convergence, The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook has become an absolute must-have for every modern home cook. It offers over 75 recipes ranging from classic Filipino staples to lesser known regional gems, all perfect for the entire family. It is written with humor and heart, and lined with beautifully styled photography that will trigger a warm sense of nostalgia.

Praised by the Culinary Director of the Filipino Food Movement, the President Emeritus of the Filipino American National Historical Society, and chefs from around the world, The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook will help any home cook step into a kitchen and create great Filipino food for any setting, without breaking the bank… or the clock.

Whether you’re cooking for a raucous affair featuring the tableside chatter of an entire extended family or a simple, quiet comfort-meal under your favorite blanket on the couch, The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook will have you covered.