To truly appreciate and understand Filipino dishes, you have to understand the evolution of the spices, the nuances of the flavor profiles, the land from which these dishes were birthed. That’s what this book provides. This is not just a book of recipes; this is a book about our story.

Pati Navalta Poblete, Editor-in-Chief, San Francisco Magazine

These classic dishes that our elders make are now accessible to our generation and the generations to follow. The instructions are clear, the outcome is always delicious, and at a fraction of the time that my parents and grandparents cooked. But my favorite part are the stories of our Filipino culture infused throughout the cookbook that speak to the essence of food as the great connector of people, and hearts, and generations.

TVClips, 5-star Amazon review

The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook shows the cultural pride of all its authors. Its tantalizing recipes (with side orders of history) gently encourage readers to try Filipino cuisine. A gift to the international Filipino Food Movement, this book adapts recipes for the Instant Pot in an organized and uniquely personal way.

Pearl “Tita Pearl” Parmelee, Culinary Director, Filipino Food Movement

I believe that anyone can become a great Filipino cook. However, cooking new food can sometimes feel intimidating. The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook helps any level of cook step into the kitchen and create delicious Filipino food, the kind you thought only your mom and aunts could make for you!

Chef Dominic Ainza

Food is at the heart of every Filipino home. It brings back memories of important family milestones like birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals. Finally, a Filipino cookbook that brings those recipes back into our homes to make more memories, even for busy families–thanks to the Instant Pot!

Mel Orpilla, President Emeritus, Filipino American National Historical Society

A fusion of new and traditional worlds in one fabulous cookbook! The Filipino Instant Pot Cookbook is a guide for Filipinos all over the world. More than just a collection of recipes, it includes stories, colorful photos, and historical references. This cookbook will make Instant Pot fans out of new and veteran Filipino cooks.

Charity Nicolas, President, UC Berkeley Pilipino American Alumni Chapter

Every balanced, dynamic touch–authentic Filipino recipes, IP tips, guidance, stories and pictures–welcomes us to savor each bite by saving cooking time, so we can eat. Kain na tayo! This cookbook helps anyone to create mouth-watering dishes that nourish our bodies and spirits while warming our homes with kapwa, togetherness.

Ella deCastro Baron, Author and Editor, Hunger and Thirst

I marveled at the recipes in this book! They prompted delicious memories from childhood: family parties where relatives brought prized dish they’d spent hours or even days preparing. This book makes it possible to recreate some of those sentimental dishes with the same robust flavors in less time.

Richelle Concepcion, PsyD, MPH, President, Asian American Psychological Association

The Instant Pot Cookbook was so user-friendly and easy to follow for a first time Instant Pot user and busy, working wife and mom like me. The book offers all these amazing, authentic Filipino dishes passed down from the authors’ pamilya (families), now to all of us!

Eleanore Fernandez, Curator, Filamthropy